Asking About Embalming

Dwain Funderburk | Embalmer & Funeral Director

In selecting a funeral home, what questions should I ask about embalming?

"First, ask if in-house embalming services are offered. WHB is one of the only funeral homes in the Central Texas area that offers on-site embalming services. I have been an embalmer at WHB for 34 years. I can focus on making your loved one look their best for an open casket ceremony or visitation. Secondly, ask the embalmer if he or she can replicate a picture of your loved one. A photo helps the embalmer with reproducing original skin color, dealing with weight issues, and improving facial features. Everyone wants to see their loved ones as they remembered them in life, and that is the real reward for me—seeing satisfied families."

- Dwain Funderburk | Embalmer & Funeral Director

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