Why Plan Ahead?

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Benefits Are Financial And Emotional

Important events in life require pre-planning.  Births, weddings, graduations, anniversaries and retirement command our best planning efforts to ensure success.  However, we may neglect planning for the most significant event of all, a funeral.  We would never dream of waiting two days before a wedding to begin our plan.  Here are some good reasons to plan in advance:

  • Your loved ones will not have the burden of making difficult decisions
  • Your precise wishes are fulfilled - choice of casket, vault or urn; ground burial, mausoleum, entombment or cremation
  • You will never pay more for the goods and services selected today, regardless of inflation
  • Helps to protect loved ones from disagreements, disputes and confusion
  • Decisions are made without emotional stress and time constraints
  • Shields your assets
  • It's a kind considerate gesture to those you leave behind
  • Provides vital information needed by the State of Texas

Our Advance Planning Specialist, Abigail Boney, is knowledgeable and she can quickly and easily walk you through the pre-planning process. She’ll help you create a plan tailored to fit your needs and budget, under no obligation.

Plan ahead today. Call 254-753-3691 and ask for Abigail.

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